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The Tech Leaders Launchpad Engineer to Leader Workshop (half-day) is a comprehensive workshop that introduces you to skills that are needed for leadership.

Delivered in a half-day workshop format and taught by a seasoned tech leader with over a decade of industry experience, this training workshop delivers two core modules, which have been broken down into easy-to-follow topics.

Each module comes with examples and actionable worksheets to allow participants to practice and learn by doing so they can apply what they’ve learnt in their role.

Module 1 focuses on Perspective – Being a new leader can be challenging if you don’t fully understand the role. The mindset of being a leader is hard to stumble upon. We discuss this in depth; ensuring your leaders fully understand what their new job entails.

Module 2 focuses on Communication – Helping their team is a core part of a leader’s role, but it’s more complex than just being nice; there is a difference between being liked and respected. Your leaders will learn to have the difficult conversations that truly define their careers and successes without losing the trust they’ve built with their teams.