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Enhance your leadership effectiveness in the tech sector with our ‘Staying productive as a leader’ course. Designed for tech leaders transitioning from individual contributors to leadership roles, this course equips you with the skills to manage the shift from a structured work routine to a more flexible, priority-based approach. You’ll learn how to handle the complexities of tech leadership while maintaining high personal productivity, reducing stress, and managing an overwhelming array of tasks with ease

This course is ideal for tech leaders looking to overcome time management challenges and seek strategies for balancing diverse work demands, ultimately becoming more effective and productive leaders.

What you’ll learn

  • Tools and Techniques for Personal Productivity: The course offers a variety of strategies to enhance personal productivity. You will learn how to apply these tools and techniques directly to your work, with an emphasis on practical implementation rather than theoretical knowledge.
  • The Importance of Reflection and Planning: Discover the significance of allocating specific time for prioritization and planning. This aspect is crucial for effective leadership, helping you to manage tasks efficiently and make informed decisions.
  • Knowing When and How to Say “No”: The ability to say no effectively is an essential skill for leaders, and it often separates the most impactful leaders from the rest. In this lesson, we will explore why saying no is so crucial, how to decide when to say no, and how to do it with empathy, assertiveness, and professionalism.
  • Balancing Reactive vs Proactive Work: Balancing proactive and reactive work is a nuanced and vital aspect of leadership, productivity, and impact within an organisation. Understanding and implementing this balance can lead to more effective team performance and personal growth. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of the concept, practical applications, and guidelines to achieve this balance:

About the trainer

Andrew Murphy
Founder & Leadership Trainer

Andrew Murphy is a former software developer who has held various leadership positions in consultancies and SaaS companies like Linktree for over 10 years.

Andrew started out as a software developer and then progressed in his career to be manager and leader. Being a technical expert, probably like yourself, is great but Andrew learnt all the other important leadership skills to complement the technical skills he had in order to become an effective, less stressed and more confident tech leader.

By sharing his experiences, tools, and techniques, Andrew equips emerging and new tech leaders with the necessary skills for success in the workplace.